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Religious Houses of Enniscorthy

From Walsh's Ecclesiastical History of Ireland, 1891, c. lxv, p. 705 ff:

Enniscorthy, in the barony of Scarawalshe, on the river Slaney, and nine miles north-west of Wexford.

This abbey of canons regular was granted by the patron, Gerald de Prendergast, as a cell to the abbey of St. Thomas, in Dublin, and who ordered that it should be governed agreeably to the rules of St. Augustine, and the customs of the said abbey. And for the health of his own soul, that of his wife, those of his father and mother, whose bodies rest here, he granted, for the better support of the canons, and to contribute to the relief of the poor, the churches of St. Senan, Enniscorthy, St. Brigid, near Ardles, and St. John, with all his land lying and situate near this house, the tithes of mills at Enniscorthy, timber from his woods, with liberty of feeding their cattle in the same, and all other necessary pasture. Witness, John, bishop of Ferns, who appointed that this convent should consist
of four brethren and a prior, to wliom Prendergast granted two carucates of land, called Oernath, adjoining tlieir house, in exchange for two carucates which Philip de Barry had granted them in the village of Sendan, near the bridge of Cork, reserving, however, to the canons, the chapel of St. Katharine, in the said town, with the tithes thereunto belonging, and one burgage. Witness, John, bishop of Ferns, who presided from 1223 to the year 1243.

December 6th, 1581, a lease of this abbey was granted to Edward Spenser, at the annual rent of £13 5s.

Franciscan friary, was founded for friars minors, of the strict observance, A.D. 1460, by Donald Oavenagh, surnamed the Brown.

In an ancient missal belonging to this monastery, we find that its dedication was on the 18th of October, in the same year.

A.D. 1476, the missal informs us that the founder died in this year. This missal was written in this friary.

Thirty-first of Henry VIII, the prior of this house was found to have been seized of a church and belfry, a chapter-house, dormitory, hall, four chambers, a kitchen, two orchards, and three gardens ; annual value, besides reprises, 13s. 4d.

Tliirty-seventh of Elizabeth, this friary, with its appurtenances, a water-mill, an orchard, and six acres of land in this county, together with the manor of Enniscorthy, was granted for ever to Sir Henry
Wallop, knight, to hold, by knight's service at the annual rent of
£10 168. 4d,

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