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Ferns Abbey (Walsh)

From Walsh's Ecclesiastical History of Ireland, 1891, c. lxv, p. 100 ff:

Ferns, an episcopal seat on the river Banne, about five miles north of Enniscorthy. St. Maidoc, or Aidanus, was the founder.

A.D. 601, King Brandubh was interred here.

A.D. 834, the Danes destroyed Ferns with fire.

A.D. 836, they repeated their barbarous conduct.

A.D. 838, another attack on Ferns by the Danes.

A.D. 868, died the Abbot Dermot.

A.D. 917, the Danes ravaged and plundered the abbey.

A.D. 944, died the Abbot Flathgus.

A.D. 975, the Abbot Conding died.

A.D. 1166, Diarmid Mac Murchad, king of Leinster, set fire to, and destroyed the town.

In atonement for this breach of humanity, this prince founded an abbey here, under the invocation of the Virgin Mary, for canons regular of St. Augustine, and endowed it with so much of the lands of Ballisisin and Ballilacussa, as would form the site of a village; Borin, Roshena and Kilbridy for two villages; and the lands of Ballisislan, in Fothert, near "Wexford, and those of Munemoth, in Ferneghenal; also a cell at Thamoling, being the chapel of St. Mary; the lands of Baligery with its fisheries, and his own chapelry; together with all the tithes and first fruits of the demesne of Perhukenselich, and a flagon of ale out of every brewing in Ferns; the cell of Finnachia, in Ferns
aforesaid, and the lands of Balliculum and Ballinafussin, with three acres adjoining the said cell. Witnesses: Christian, of Lismore, legate, Donat, bishop of Leighlin; Joseph, bishop of Ferns; Domnald, bishop of Ossory; Malachy, bishop of Kildare; Celestine, bishop, and Laurence, abbot of Glendaloch."

A.D. 1171, on the 1st of May, died impenitent, without sacraments or extreme unction, Dermot, the founder, and was interred here.

A.D. 1172, died the abbot Brighdean O'Cathan.

Dowyll was the last abbot. He surrendered in the thirty-first of Henry VIII. The possessions of this abbey in lands consisted of 590 acres, with the tithes and appurtenances thereof, all situate and lying
in this county.

November 20th, twenty-sixth of Queen Elizabeth, a lease of this abbey for the term of sixty years was granted to Thomas Masterson, at the annual rent of £16.

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